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Stormwater Pond Renovation
Posted on May 12th, 2014


Due to the recent storm events, the Contractor has lost some time in their schedule due to a downtime in waiting for the pumps to draw the water levels down for construction activity (approximately ½ a day lost per storm event).  The Contractor has requested to install a Silent Pump that would only turn on when the water levels reach a certain height for the next two weeks.  The Contractor assured us that with the temporary installation of this pump it will quicken their construction schedule and get through the heavy construction work within two weeks.  The pump will comply with all the County’s noise ordinances and if any resident has a concern we can address it.  We have also asked if the Contractor used this pump they must provide us with  emergency contact phone number that anyone can call and someone will answer. 
Montgomery County will soon begin a planned renovation to the storm pond along Falls Chapel Way. Attached is a notice reagrding this work from the County.
If you have any questions about the project you may contact Don Dorsey at Donald.Dorsey at or (240) 777-7712. You may also contact our Community Manager Sara Rossi at srossi at or 301-941-8913.