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Making Exterior Changes at Your Home
Posted on Jun 3rd, 2014

Did you know that the Association has an Architectural Control Committee that reviews and approves exterior changes to every home in the community?
As an owner, you are required to consult with the committee and submit an Application for Exterior Change PRIOR to making any change to your home (single family homes and townhomes).
A change is defined as something entirely new (such as an addition to your home, a new pool, or a generator), or a change in the color, style, material or location of an existing element of your home. This includes, but is not limited to, painting in a different color, replacing windows, replacing front doors, replacing roofing, replacing garage doors, replacing a fence, replacing wood trim with vinyl,  changing your driveway from asphalt to stone, etc.
If you have plans to do work on the exterior of your home and you are unsure whether it requires approval, a simple call to our Community Manager Sara Brodie should be made. She can discuss your plans and work with you to get the necessary approvals, if needed. Sara can be reached at 301-941-8913 or
Please understand that if you make a change to your home that is not approved and it does not conform to the HOA guidelines or is not harmonious with the existing aesthetic of the community, you will be required to make the appropriate changes to bring it into compliance. The Association does not want you to be in a position where, as an owner, you have to spend additional funds to bring an unapproved change at your home into compliance. Please ensure that you follow the rules that you agreed to abide by when you purchased your home, and apply for all exterior changes before they are made.
A copy of the Application for Exterior Change is available by emailing Sara Rossi and requesting one. It is also always available for download at the HOA’s website under Documents & Forms.
Maintenance of your home is encouraged, and you do not need to get approval to repaint in the same color, make carpentry repairs to replace rotted wood, or replace a few missing shingles, etc. If what you are doing is essentially replacing with like kind, then you likely do not need approval, but feel free to check in with our Community Manager first to make sure.
If you have any questions at all regarding this notice, please feel free to contact our Community Manager Sara Brodie at or 301-941-8913, or attend a Board meeting.